Classes at Dance Addiction


Dance Addiction offers a wide range of dance and fitness classes taught by fully qualified instructors and we cater for all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking to learn dancing socially, looking for general fitness or wanting to step it up and do competitions and examinations...Dance Addiction ticks all the boxes! 



Modern/Jazz is a fun high energy style of theatrical dance ranging from old style Broadway routines of the 60's to more commercial dance routines of today.



Acrobatics incorporates the spectacular arts of tumbling and balancing and contortion. There are different classes according to skill levels from learning a basic cartwheel to more advanced aerial tricks. Acrobatics also uses different apparatus' to perform stunts on as well as partner/team work to build trust in your fellow classmates. All acrobats are recommended to take stretch and flex class also.

Classical Ballet


Ballet is the foundation to all forms of dance. It teaches correct posture and placement as well as strength, grace and flexibility. Ballet is a form of dance that is based around graceful movement of the head, arms and feet and is beneficial to all dancers. 

Kindy Dance


Kindy dance is a fun class for 2-4 year olds. It is a loosely structured class that combines jazz, ballet and acrobatics. It teaches your child discipline and listening skills, creativeness, motor skills, body awareness, cognitive skills, concept of music and social development.

Hip Hop


Hip Hop is a popular street/urban style that combines breaking, popping and locking to music of today. Hip Hop is also referred to as new style or jazz funk. Casual clothes and sneakers can be worn to this class.

Stretch & Flex


This is a general conditioning class to help build strength and flexibility through correct technique. This class is recommended for all students.

Lyrical & Contemporary


Lyrical is a popular form of dance that combines the techniques of various forms of dance including ballet, jazz and contemporary. Lyrical dance is an expressive form of dance that uses movement to interpret music and express emotion. 



Tap dance is a style of dance characterised by the shoes hitting the floor to create a percussive rhythm. Tapping helps develop musicality and rhythm and is becoming more and more popular due to productions such as "Tap Dogs".



Contortion is a specific form of acrobatics involving flexibility. In general, "contortionists" have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through acrobatic training. Contortion classes will focus more on various forms of tricks requiring a higher level of flexibility. 

Musical Theatre


Musical theatre involves dancing, singing and drama. Students learn basic singing and movement technique to numbers from various productions including Broadway shows. 



Exams help maintain technique and give the student opportunity to be critiqued and rewarded by an evaluated professional.  They are a memorable experience and give them something to work towards.


Dance Addiction offers examinations using the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (C.S.T.D) syllabus. 



Private competition classes are available for the more serious dancers. There are solo, duo/trio and troupe competition classes in a variety of styles. Competitions are usually each school holidays in April, June/July and October.

Singing - Privates


Dance Addiction offers private singing lessons with qualified and experienced singing teachers. Students can learn singing for competitions, musical theatre class or for fun. Classes are conducted privately in half hour blocks. 

Boys Only Classes

Dance Addiction offers Boys Only Hip Hop classes with our male Hip Hop teacher Jesse. Dance Addiction loves fostering an environment for our male dancers to thrive with multiple male teachers involved in our teaching faculty.